MyDuiGuy.com is a unique service providing alcohol and drug evaluations via the internet and telephone, offering a more convenient and confidential method of assessing your alcohol or other drug use. In contemporary terms, it's a cyber-assessment. Although many people seek evaluations following driving offenses, MyDuiGuy.com provides evaluations for multiple purposes:

    • DUI and Actual Physical Control
    • Attorney referrals
    • Reckless Driving convictions
    • Pre-sentence Investigations
    • Minor in Possession citations
    • Employee Assistance referrals
    • School referrals
    • Child Custody Cases
    • Military recruitment
    • Self-referrals
    • Interventions

MyDuiGuy.com is an association of Licensed and Certified Addiction Counselors in the U.S. and other countries. MyDuiGuy.com is sponsored by Springtime Counseling Center in Indianaolis, Indiana USA, a state-certified outpatient addiction treatment center with staff having over twenty years of addiction evaluation and counseling experience See About Us.


You may choose one of the following options for completing your evaluation:

1. Online Evaluation: complete the evaluation online and submit it to your counselor.
2. Download Evaluation : print out the evaluation instrument and mail or fax it to your counselor.
3. Toll-Free Telephone Evaluation: Call your counselor direct at our counseling center (not currently available outside the USA).

Video Telecounseling: using a PC camera, see and talk to your counselor in a real-time telecounseling evaluation.

You will need a PC camera and Microsoft NetMeeting© software for this option. To download Microsoft NetMeeting© please click here.







It's simple and convenient: the entire process can be completed from the comfort of your home, office, or from your attorney's office.

It's confidential: no parking in front of a treatment center or sitting in the waiting room of a counselor's office.

It's private: the entire evaluation, as well as payment of fees, is conducted over SSL security encrypted internet lines.

It's objective: MyDuiGuy.com is not affiliated with any chain of treatment centers, health care corporations or hospitals. MyDuiGuy.com makes no referrals to our own counseling center.

It’s fast and accessible: the interview takes about 50 to 60 minutes, with no waiting lists for appointments. Services are accessible by anyone able to use or access a computer.

It’s less influenced by personal attributes: any person, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, disability, national ancestry, sexual orientation, or economic condition can obtain a bias-free evaluation over the internet or telephone.




The cost of the evaluation and the written Evaluation Report is $150.00 US for domestic evaluations and $200.00 US for international evaluations. Fees are payable by Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, Debit Card, cashier's check, or money order.

When paying by cashier's check or money order: Payment must be accompanied by a valid e-mail address where we will contact you with further instructions.





We guarantee it! Evaluations completed by our licensed and certified addiction counselors have been accepted by the courts and motor vehicle divisions of all 50 states for over twenty years. (North Carolina and Wisconsin will not accept any online DUI evaluations. If your case does not involve a DUI, or you were arrested in a different state, we can complete an evaluation for you).

Today, physicians are diagnosing over the internet, psychologists are doing therapy via the internet, and instructors are teaching over the internet. However, because the internet is new (and we all resist change), should anyone question the validity of our evaluation, we will contact the court or driver's license agency on your behalf. If they continue to challenge the evaluation, we will refund your entire fee immediately.*

*To qualify for a refund due to disallowance by the court of record, your probation officer, or a state motor vehicle employee, you must apply for this refund within 30 days of your initial payment and email the reasons the Evaluation was disallowed to us at our email address: admin@myduiguy.com. We reserve the right to verify this information at our discretion.




The original signed Evaluation Report (SCC-45) and Referral Reports (SCC-50) will be sent directly to you from your counselor. It is your responsibility to make copies and forward the original reports to the court, your probation officer, your drivers license division, attorney, or others who require them. Under Federal Confidentiality rules 42CFR, Part 2, we are not allowed to disclose any information about you to any party without your express consent; but you may provide your report to anyone.

Your Evaluation Report will be mailed to you within 3 working days after your counselor has talked with your collateral witness and the motor vehicle records have been received.




These and other questions can be answered by going to our Frequently Asked Questions area. See FAQ's.

  • Does my health insurance pay for evaluations?
  • What happens after the evaluation?
  • How do I reinstate my driver's license?
  • I live and work in Asia. What about International evaluations?
  • Are my records kept confidential?
  • Will I be able to get copies of my evaluation later for insurance purposes, etc.?
  • Myths vs. Facts about evaluations. Are all those awful stories I hear about evaluations true?
  • Will I be able to get copies of my evaluation later?




If you are in need of an alcohol/drug evaluation, and our internet service fits your needs, we invite you to come in and register:

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If you have additional questions not answered by our FAQ see Contact Us.


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